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The Piano

We recently received an antique piano. It was given to me by the sister-in-law of an old friend. From the minute I saw ┬áthe above photo I was in love. I’ve stayed in love, posting detail photos on Facebook as … Continue reading

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Mommy Wars! Date Rape! Other Link Bait Terms!

I hate the phrase “Mommy Wars.” As soon as I stopped dating and became a mother (two events that happened within a couple of years of each other) it replaced “Date Rape” as my least favorite inaccurate description of something. … Continue reading

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Is Attachment Parenting a Feminist Crutch?

I read this quote the other day and I can’t get it out of my mind: One thing I do know is that the more conservative women of my acquaintance don’t feel the same pressure to breast-feed until their kids … Continue reading

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