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Karen and Steve

The other day on Facebook, where all life happens now, a friend asked for the definition of a Karen. She was confused because she thought that previously “Karens” were the women lecturing others about face masks and calling the police … Continue reading

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Feminism in the Sandwich Generation

The other day my daughter asked me if I thought Winnie the Pooh was sexist because it only has one female character. I told her that any individual work only having one, or or even no, female characters wasn’t sexist. … Continue reading

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The Licensed Babysitter

My almost-11-year-old’s current career ambition is to be a babysitter. She wants to babysit, then be a camp counselor, then one day, work with kids with autism. Or, maybe be a scientist that studies autism. Of course, being an author … Continue reading

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Cars and Goodbyes

In 1999 I was 30 years old. I was thin, single, and much more professionally successful than anyone with a MA in literature ever thinks she will be. I had been driving a 1977 Nissan Sentra and one winter day, … Continue reading

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The Personal Is Political

“The Personal is political.” When I first started hearing this phrase in college it was more of an accusation than anything else. Wearing lipstick, dating men, these were all personal choices I was making and they were somehow harming feminism. … Continue reading

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Gender Roles and Teenager TV

While we were on vacation recently my son came in to the bathroom where I was taking a shower. “Mommy, you know those shows on Disney with the teenagers and everyone is laughing all the time, is Madeline allowed to … Continue reading

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I Met the Angry White Guy

The “Angry White Guy” is a stock figure in feminist writing. This is a man who rails at the world for changing and taking away his privilege and blames it all on women and minorities. Last month I “met” AWG … Continue reading

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