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The Boy Scout Dilemma, Another Update

Last Fall my husband and I spent a lot of time debating internally, on here, and on Facebook what to do about our Boy Scout problem. Our son wanted to be a Boy Scout. His sister is a Girl Scout … Continue reading

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My Cub Scout Dilemma, an Update

(You can read the original post about the boy scout issue, here) I don’t normally react in writing to comments on my posts except to say, “thanks” when people say nice things. There’s a long explanation for that involving the … Continue reading

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Should My Son Be a Cub Scout

About a year ago my son declared that if he decided to marry another boy they could just have his sister help them have a baby. Today, he proclaimed that he was excited to start Cub Scouts this year and … Continue reading

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The Gay Agenda & the Children

If you don’t know me you’ll simply have to take my word for the fact that I’m gay friendly. I am not a homophobe. I am a supporter of gay rights, including gay marriage rights. Still, I’ve noticed a weird … Continue reading

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