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Home Again

Some friends of mine bought a house. It was their childhood home. It was not their only childhood home and in reality, they probably did not live in it for that long, but it was the first and last home … Continue reading

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The Bigger Story

I knew this guy in high school. Let’s call him “D.” I didn’t know him well, but he was cute and nice. He had dark hair and bright blue eyes, a combo I still love. I think he played trumpet … Continue reading

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Louisville’s Ali

My husband jokes that living with someone from Louisville is like living with a Canadian, our accents are slightly off and the minute you mention anything with a possible connection we jump to point it out. “Oh, you like to … Continue reading

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What I Used to Know

To be honest, I didn’t realize it was the anniversary of the Challenger Disaster until a friend mentioned it on Facebook. It happened when she was 12 and she said that for her it symbolized an end of childhood. I … Continue reading

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Snow Days

Fourth grade was a bad year for me.  I went from the loving embrace of Mrs. Minnis, a woman who defended my left-handedness by loudly telling everyone in class that her husband, an artist, was also left-handed, to the cold-fish … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to Saturday Night

I was twelve years old the first time I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show. My older sister was in high school and she had been going with her friends. My parents and I wanted to know what it was … Continue reading

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When Home Is Not Your Home

I left Louisville, KY in my twenties with the conviction that Louisville is a place where it is so easy to be “content” that one can never be “happy.” It made sense at the time and so I set off … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve, 1986

Christmas Eve 1986 I was a freshman in college. I lived in a downtown apartment with my roommate Bill, his boyfriend Mark, and various other people who found themselves needing a place to stay. We had a Christmas Tree decorated … Continue reading

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