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Another Letter to Gwyneth

Dear Gwyneth, I can’t say that this is my normal thing. I don’t usually spend too much time thinking about celebrities and the things they say. I also don’t spend a lot of time writing “open letters.” I think the … Continue reading

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Judging Isn’t the Problem

You hear it all the time in the s0-called “Mommy Wars.” “I hate how judgmental other moms are.” “I hate being judged because I bottle-feed/work/stay home/spank/wear/don’t wear my baby/let my kids sacrifice small animals in my neighbor’s yard.” Guess what … Continue reading

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In Defense of the All American Child (and his mom)

It seems that the only thing we American moms love to read more than articles about the fake wars that we’re supposedly engaging in with each other is books and articles about how everyone else is better at parenting than … Continue reading

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