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A Good Crisis Wasted

Here in my middle class (increasingly upper middle class) suburb of Oak Park Illinois the mom groups are in a tizzy. It’s not the usual tizzy about teenagers without bike helmets, or people putting their poop bags in strangers’ garbage … Continue reading

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Sick Day

Some of my favorite memories from childhood are from sick days. I don’t mean the older, hold a heating pad up to the thermometer so that you can skip school and get stoned sick days. What I loved were the … Continue reading

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What I Used to Know

To be honest, I didn’t realize it was the anniversary of the Challenger Disaster until a friend mentioned it on Facebook. It happened when she was 12 and she said that for her it symbolized an end of childhood. I … Continue reading

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Dick Jokes and Religious Greetings

The other day I was thinking about “Big Johnson” t-shirts. These were shirts that featured stupid dick jokes and caricatures of big breasted women. They were popular in the 1990s before we had social media as an outlet on which … Continue reading

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Snow Days

Fourth grade was a bad year for me.  I went from the loving embrace of Mrs. Minnis, a woman who defended my left-handedness by loudly telling everyone in class that her husband, an artist, was also left-handed, to the cold-fish … Continue reading

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Sammy’s Report Card

My daughter’s report card for Sammy, the dog. Apparently, he’s having some issues. Check In/Report Card – Sammy Vocab-3 Fluency – no grade Math – No Grade Geometry – 3 Social Studies – No Grade Science – no grade Response:We … Continue reading

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