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These Boots: The Title Has a Colon Because I Mention Academia

One hundred years ago, or maybe it was fourteen, or maybe yesterday I’m not sure which, I bought these boots. I had moved to Chicago on a whim, and then seven years later fled the city in what I now … Continue reading

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I Met the Angry White Guy

The “Angry White Guy” is a stock figure in feminist writing. This is a man who rails at the world for changing and taking away his privilege and blames it all on women and minorities. Last month I “met” AWG … Continue reading

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Did Hebrew School Kill American Judaism

Since the Pew study about the declining number of Jews who consider Judaism their religion as opposed to their heritage came out a lot of people have written about the decline and possible reasons for it. I’m not a religious … Continue reading

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Spartacus & The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

A new school year started and I’ve been thinking a lot about what it is I really want my children to learn this year and through life. What are the lessons I think they need most? It occurred to me … Continue reading

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The Boy Scout Dilemma, Another Update

Last Fall my husband and I spent a lot of time debating internally, on here, and on Facebook what to do about our Boy Scout problem. Our son wanted to be a Boy Scout. His sister is a Girl Scout … Continue reading

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Fear and Lock Downs

Yesterday my children’s school was on “soft lock down.” There had been a home burglary in the area and the police requested the lock down as a precautionary measure. I didn’t find out about it until the lock down was … Continue reading

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Reading Is Fundamental … Or Hopefully Not

I was pregnant with my oldest child for 42 and 1/2 weeks. That’s a lot of time to worry. I worried that my baby would be a boy and I would have to decide about circumcising him. I worried that … Continue reading

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