Advice to Myself (and coincidentally my daughter)

I’m not a mommy blogger.

I’m a mom, and I work on a blog for a living (it’s a wedding blog). And I guess now I have my own personal blog, which you’re reading. But still, I don’t plan on blogging about my kids or my family.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them and they’re cute and funny and I’m sure they deserve their own blog, but it’s just not what I’m interested in writing about.

Still, I want to give advice and the person I’d like to give advice to the most may be my daughter. I frequently call her MSB II, not just because we have the same initials, but because we’re so much alike in so many ways. I wish I could give her all the advice that I wish someone had given me at her age. But, because we’re so much alike, I know she probably won’t listen.

Last night she had to do her writing homework. She’s 6 and this isn’t very difficult homework. She has to write three sentences using vocab words. But, she HATES handwriting (like her mom).

One of the vocabulary words was “make.” Now, you’d expect a child who hates writing to go the easy way and write “I make a cake,” or something similar. But what does my child write? She writes, “Writing does not make sense.”

Rather than just write a quick sentence and get it over with, MSB II actually made more work for herself. At that moment, being happy wasn’t what was important to her, letting the rest of the world feel her misery was.

So, here’s the advice I wish I could give my little me. “Don’t create more work for yourself just to prove a point. Not everything is worth raising a fuss over, some things you just have to buckle down and do.”

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