Questions Joey Asked During a Snack

Joey is 5, he has a lot of questions about the world. Here, to the best of my recollection, in order, are the questions he asked the other day when we stopped for a bagel:

What kind of bagels do they have?

Do I like my bagels toasted or untoasted?

Are there any volcanoes in Illinois?

What about New York?

How come you can only marry one person?

But, two daddies can get married?

Are sea monsters real?

Who is the oldest person in our family?

Where was Daddy born?


Is Oak Park a village?

What’s Oak Park Arms?

Did Madeline go there once?

Did she see anyone we know?

Can a brother and sister be best friends?

Are laser beams real?

Do all princesses dance?

Do they have to dance well?

Can I play Wii when we get home?


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