Yogurt Tubes, How and Why to Prepare

kids lunch yogurt tubesYogurt tubes are not properly classified as food. But, sometimes you have a daughter with a very loose tooth who does not feel like she could stand to bite into a sandwich.

You know from past experience that said daughter can not finish an 8 oz cup of yogurt for lunch, and that rather than throwing it away she will leave the half-finished, uncovered container in her lunch bag to avoid being told by nosy counselors or teachers that she needs to eat it. This creates a mess.

So, you keep yogurt tubes in the freezer. You keep them there because there is no refrigeration for camp or school lunches, and they will slowly thaw and be ready to eat by lunch time. Plus, they’ll keep the rest of her lunch cold.

But, yogurt tubes are impossible to open. If a child rips them wrong, she will not be able to get most of the disgusting neon-colored, yogurt-like substance out without cutting the inner corner of her already sore mouth.

So, the night before camp you pre-cut the frozen yogurt tube’s top off, then you wrap it in aluminum foil, and put a small plastic bag around that.

After camp the next day you ask your daughter if it all worked out ok. She gives you a huge grin and says, “Yes, that was the best!” You feel good, you feel like you’ve got this mother thing down pat. You try to remember that feeling the next week when you send her off to a camp field trip to a water park with no sunscreen and no hat.

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3 Responses to Yogurt Tubes, How and Why to Prepare

  1. Carrie says:

    So funny to read this today because I pulled some Simply Gogurts out of the freezer and brought them on a picnic today. Ripping open the first one, I managed to splatter yogurt all over myself and my glasses. Smooth! If a 37-year-old can’t do it, how do they expect kids to?

  2. I actually just bought the Stonyfield Organic ones (even though I didn’t have a coupon Carrie), I figure if we’re going to have yogurt tubes, they might as well be yogurt!

  3. Debbie says:

    I started packing blunt-tipped scissors in Rachel’s lunch!!

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