My Perfect Winter Party Contest Post

As someone with a December birthday and the mom of two kids with winter birthdays I’ve always been jealous of those with non-holiday/good-weather birthdays.

Especially as a mom, I’d love to host an outdoor birthday party and not have to make the decision between spending money on renting  a place and having my house destroyed. My kids have also complained from time to time about not being able to have an outdoor party. This year though, my January born son has decided to embrace his winter 6th birthday and have a “snow party with sledding”

We live in the Chicago area so snow and winter weather is plentiful but sledding hills are limited! Fortunately, we live near a park with both a sledding hill and a rentable inside space.

Because you can never count on winter weather to actually behave the way you want it to, we’ll purchase a large amount of this fake snow, buckets and drop cloths to let the guests play in the snow, whether it actually snows or not.

For decorations, we probably won’t go with a snow theme but instead let the boy choose one of his other favorites, such as Wild Kratts, Legos or Star Wars. Depending on the cost of the facility rental if the boy chooses Wild Kratts we look into hiring an animal trainer.

For food the boy is currently thinking hot dogs. We can heat them in a crock pot at the facility and serve them with a variety of toppings.

For party favors, I’m thinking snow buckets and shovels with something small inside.

It’s not the fanciest of winter parties, but it’s what the boy wants. What’s your idea of a perfect winter party?

This blog is part of the Win Your Perfect Party contest sponsored by GigMasters. To find out how to enter visit Life of the Party.

Um, actually, it isn’t because I work for GigMasters and the contest was my idea. Instead, it’s just providing an example of what such a post could look like.

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