Sammy’s Report Card

My daughter’s report card for Sammy, the dog. Apparently, he’s having some issues.

Check In/Report Card – Sammy

Fluency – no grade

Math – No Grade

Geometry – 3

Social Studies – No Grade

Science – no grade

Response:We are not seeing much response to commands like sit, come, and paw. We enjoy Sammy but we would like him to go to our special school to train dogs.

We are not giving Sammy a grade in training because we feel that what is up above covers it.

We have seen growth in Sammy’s eating habits.

Paying Attention
We are having some issues with Sammy’s attention span. He does not want to listen to any of the class or one on one. We are trying to solve this problem in the best way possible. We also might ask you to take a survey about Sammy.

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