A Random List of Things I Miss about Having Small Children

Going to the zoo on a beautiful day.

How a trip to the library could be a full day’s activity.

Only working part-time.

The feeling of giddy joy and unlimited possibility that came just from them both being at a birthday party  at the same time.

The look of joy on their faces when I came home, or out of the bathroom.

How easy they were to distract from uncomfortable conversations.

Your backyard friends, the Backyardigans. Also, the Kratt Brothers. And the cute Wiggle.

The heavy ache of someone a little too big falling asleep in my arms.

7:30 bedtime.

Toys and the toystore.

Stopping for a muffin or a cookie on the way home from a class.

The park.

The excuse to never have to go out.

Wondering what it would be like when they were older.


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