Spectacular Spring Party

As a December baby I’ve always envied people with spring or summer birthdays. There are so many great colors and themes to work with, and you don’t have to compete with the holidays. My daughter’s birthday is sort of in an in between zone of winter spring, in fact, as a Leap Day baby, she’s in a lot of in-between zones.

Last year for her seventh “un birthday” she had her first ever slumber party. Her fairy theme naturally leant itself to leaning towards the “spring” part of her birthday and not the winter.

Knowing that I work with weddings, my daughter is very familiar with the term “DIY” and she is a DIY Bride in the making. Her invitations used envelopes and cards from Paper Source’s clearance section as well as Martha Stewart stickers and some cheapy ones she had left over in her craft collection.


Place settings were also DIY.

The crafting continued in to the party, with the guests making their own “fairy houses” and decorating mini-cupcakes for the fairies to eat later (yes, her father and I ate them all, a parent has to do what a parent has to do).

The party wrapped up in the morning with cinnamon rolls and fruit.

Happy Sweet Spring!

This post is part of the Spectacular Spring Party contest sponsored by GigMasters. To find out how to enter, visit the Life of the Party. 

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