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How Much Screen Time Is Screen Time?

When my daughter was little, she didn’t watch TV. We had no intentions of banning TV entirely, or even of greatly restricting it. My husband and I both grew up in households with restrictive TV policies, and we both felt … Continue reading

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Judaism & The Cubs: An Analogy

In my family we are Cubs fans We picked up our kids from Sunday School this week and went to a game. The juxtaposition of the two made me realize that our Cubs Fan status may be the perfect explanation … Continue reading

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How Much Is Being Jewish Worth?

I recently wrote two sizable checks, one for our synagogue dues and one for religious school tuition. I always feel the need to explain costs like this and High Holiday tickets to non-Jews. It’s complicated, but believe me, the structure … Continue reading

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When the Writer Is the Character

I recently read that 10% of all U.S. women who are online also have a blog. With that huge number of blogs it’s only a matter of time before we start cannibalizing each other’s experiences. I’ll write about Mary Tyler … Continue reading

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