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Childhood Cancer Is Not Cute

This post is part of the Donna Day blogging event to raise money for St. Baldrick’s. Last November the country was swept up in Batkid Fever! Everybody loved Batkid, a San Francisco five year old in remission from Leukemia. The … Continue reading

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A Possibly Depressing Fable (Starring Seth Meyers)

Later this month Seth Meyers will take over as host for NBC’s late night talk show. Here is my claim to non-fame, I once led a committee that decided not to hire Seth Meyers for a job … as a … Continue reading

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This Week in Marta

I’ve spent the past few weeks feeling like I’m stuck in meetings and working very hard but not getting anything billable done. But, this week the meetings started to slow down and I actually started to get some work done. … Continue reading

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Non Lethal Adventures in Childhood

If you know me, you’ve probably heard this story before: When I was in first grade I rode the bus home from school. At least some days of the week my older sister must have done something else after school … Continue reading

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