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My Cub Scout Dilemma, an Update

(You can read the original post about the boy scout issue, here) I don’t normally react in writing to comments on my posts except to say, “thanks” when people say nice things. There’s a long explanation for that involving the … Continue reading


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Should My Son Be a Cub Scout

About a year ago my son declared that if he decided to marry another boy they could just have his sister help them have a baby. Today, he proclaimed that he was excited to start Cub Scouts this year and … Continue reading

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Reading Is Fundamental … Or Hopefully Not

I was pregnant with my oldest child for 42 and 1/2 weeks. That’s a lot of time to worry. I worried that my baby would be a boy and I would have to decide about circumcising him. I worried that … Continue reading

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In Defense of the All American Child (and his mom)

It seems that the only thing we American moms love to read more than articles about the fake wars that we’re supposedly engaging in with each other is books and articles about how everyone else is better at parenting than … Continue reading

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