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A Non-Exact Biography of My Breasts

Childhood I am six, or maybe seven. We move to a new house and the house next door is a perfect match for ours, right down to the two girls the same age as my sister and I. The main … Continue reading

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The Other Problem

Like most women I’ve spent this week thinking about my stories. I have been kept up at night by the stories of my friends and things that happened to me. Stories of men grabbing me, things men said to me, … Continue reading

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Cars and Goodbyes

In 1999 I was 30 years old. I was thin, single, and much more professionally successful than anyone with a MA in literature ever thinks she will be. I had been driving a 1977 Nissan Sentra and one winter day, … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to Saturday Night

I was twelve years old the first time I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show. My older sister was in high school and she had been going with her friends. My parents and I wanted to know what it was … Continue reading

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Keep Your Shweddy Balls to Yourself

I think you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who thinks that I’m a prude. Even writing the phrase “hard pressed” makes me giggle at all the dirty jokes that could turn into. I have had jobs where knowing when … Continue reading

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The Rutgers Suicide, Did We Help Create the Problem?

Warning: If you’ve met me fairly recently, let’s say in the past ten years, then some of what I say here may fall under the heading of TMI. If you’ve known me for a long time then well, you probably … Continue reading

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Six Guys You Should NOT Sleep with Before You Get Married

A couple of days ago I ran an article I wrote a while back about the six guys you should sleep with before you get married. A friend suggested that I write the opposite side “the guys you should NOT … Continue reading

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