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Love and Loss, Part Two

The Fall that my daughter was five, after recovering from the flu, she lost her lovey. It was horrible. As the Fall wore on and got worse and worse in so many ways, the loss of her beloved Cow became … Continue reading

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What Is Private

When I was a child we did not know our teachers’ first names. A better part of the school year was spent trying to find out your teacher’s name and other personal information. If you came up with intel about … Continue reading

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Whose Right Is Right?

A story made the rounds in Chicago recently about a high school senior who wore a shirt with a picture of an AK-47 on it. The school principal felt that the shirt violated the dress code against “disruptive clothing” and … Continue reading

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Oy, Donald Sterling

When the Donald Sterling tapes originally became news I had several questions: 1. Is it fair to punish someone professionally for personal views? 2. Should our goal as a society be to eliminate racist points of view, or eliminate discriminatory … Continue reading

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