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What I Used to Know

To be honest, I didn’t realize it was the anniversary of the Challenger Disaster until a friend mentioned it on Facebook. It happened when she was 12 and she said that for her it symbolized an end of childhood. I … Continue reading

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My Inconvenient Truth

I am a strong, independent woman. When I was 16 I flew from Malawi to Kentucky by myself. In my 30s I drove cross country by myself – with no cell phone. I lived by myself in the middle of … Continue reading

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Six Guys You Should Sleep with Before You Get Married

I wrote this article for a different site, and it was never used, so I thought I’d put it up here, because hey, it’s good advice! Some people meet the love of their lives early. They move easily through dating, … Continue reading

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What’s This all About?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know me. You may or may not know that my dream job has always been to write my own advice column, but it has. It combines the two things I like doing best: … Continue reading

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