Your Fall Weather/Fashion Forecast & Horoscope


Someone close to you is sending you mixed signals. You will wear a jacket that is too hot in the sun, but not warm enough in the shade.


As a water sign you will remark endlessly on the irony that it is warmer in September than in June, yet the pools close on Labor Day.


Nothing will change unless you make it change. After two weeks of consistent highs in the 60s, you will put away your summer clothing and take out your winter clothing. Two days later, the temperature will be in the 80s.


A lot of your plans are up in the air right now. So are the leaves. You will rake them, only to find them back on your lawn the next day.


A mysterious stranger will enter your life. Likewise, you will find that a mysterious moth has eaten a hole in your favorite sweater. You will discover this hole, just over your breast, sometime during your third Zoom call of the day.


Flexibility is the key to happiness. Be like the tree that bends and so does not break. Although it is 50 degrees and your family complains, you will continue to insist that no one is allowed to turn on the heat until November 1st.


Knowing the difference between past and present prevents heartache. Although the woven jacket you bought in Mexico on that one trip in college is in fact the perfect weight for the weather, it still smells like pot and embarrasses your children when you wear it.


Life is full of mysteries. Is it too warm for the arms of a crop sweater, or too cold to have a bare stomach? Does anyone over the age of 16 look good in a crop sweater? No really, whose idea were these things?


There are many opportunities coming your way. These opportunities include zip front hoodies and pull over hoodies.


What stands in the way of you meeting your most important goals? In this case, it’s the fact that all three of your children have outgrown their rain boots over the summer. It is impossible to leave your house.


Seek and you shall find. As long as what you are seeking is not the new pair of thin gloves you bought on sale at the end of last winter, convinced that they’d be perfect for the Fall.


You have just started a new goal. Also, there are now only four hours of daylight a day, so you will not achieve that goal. Learn to live with disappointment.

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