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The Stories of My Children

I am conflicted about most of Judaism, but I am the most conflicted about Passover. It is a historical fact that the Hebrews were never slaves in Egypt. So, is the Passover story a story of cultural appropriation, of stealing … Continue reading

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Sacrificing Our Children

On Rosh Hashana we read the story of Abraham’s attempted sacrifice of Isaac. It is a difficult story to understand. Previously we’ve been told how wanted and loved Isaac is. A late in life baby for his parents, their only … Continue reading

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Dick Jokes and Religious Greetings

The other day I was thinking about “Big Johnson” t-shirts. These were shirts that featured stupid dick jokes and caricatures of big breasted women. They were popular in the 1990s before we had social media as an outlet on which … Continue reading

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The Pope, Kim Davis, and Henry David Thoreau’s Sex Life

This morning my Facebook feed was full of people doubting that Pope Francis had really met with Kim Davis, the Kentucky un-clerk. Then, this afternoon my feed was full of people expressing disappointment and disbelief at the news that he … Continue reading

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Ruining Santa Claus (and the Tooth Fairy)

For most of my life I’ve been led to believe that I have a great imagination. In my younger years, thanks to parents and unauthorized parties and boyfriends and unauthorized other boyfriends, and minimum wage employers and unauthorized hangovers, I … Continue reading

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Did Hebrew School Kill American Judaism

Since the Pew study about the declining number of Jews who consider Judaism their religion as opposed to their heritage came out a lot of people have written about the decline and possible reasons for it. I’m not a religious … Continue reading

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